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Zep Alcohol Sanitizer Spray – Fuzion Line – 1.2 litres

  • Zep Alcohol Sanitizer Spray-Fuzion Line 1.2 litre (1200ml)
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer formulated to be used without water or towels
  • Helps to control the many microorganisms that are of public health concern
  • It is formulated for use in food plants, restaurants. and food-service areas
  • Use of this product requires no subsequent rinse
  • Eliminates or significantly reduces resident and transient microorganisms on bare or gloved hands
  • Quickly and completely evaporates from the skin leaving no residue; hands need not be rinsed following use of the product
  • Can be used repeatedly throughout the day without irritation
  • This product is formulated without phosphates, butyl, or APE surfactants and all the detergents and emulsifiers are readily biodegradable
  • Packaged to be dispensed through the Fuzion Dispenser
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