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Keurig K2500


The commercial coffee maker combining flexibility with great features in a small package.

The perfect coffee maker for today’s workplace reality. Compact and very versatile, with the K-2500 you can create coffee stations throughout the office rather than in a central location.


  • Brew more, fill less often – can be plumbed for continuous brewing or use the optional 110oz. pour over reservoir, the largest Keurig reservoir to date
  • 5 Cup sizes to choose from 4,6,8,10 and 12 ounce brew sizes
  • Strong Brew – Brew a strong intense cup. Increases the contact time between coffee grinds and water, providing a strong brew
  • Quiet Brew Technology minimizes noise. Can be placed in kitchens, conference rooms or create multiple small stations.
  • Easy to Clean – Designed for simple cleaning with wipeable non-porous surfaces
  • Serviceable – Six serviceable modules help extend brewer life and provide greater service flexibility



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