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Flavia Creation 600 + Chill (optional add-on)

The FLAVIA CREATION 600 was designed to create better breaks. With the C600, you can craft a variety of drink options that meet the needs of every moment while smart technology makes managing office beverages a breeze.

Whether it’s soothing hot or frothy drinks for heads-down work, or refreshing cold drinks that put a little pep in meeting prep—there’s something to put a smile on the face of every coffee connoisseur, latte lover, and iced tea queen to help fuel a wonderful workday.

The C600 was designed with hygiene top-of-mind: you can brew straight from your phone with the FLAVIA Tap N’Brew App.

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There’s not much you need to touch on FLAVIA brewers. After just a few taps, your drink is ready to go. After a fine needle (inside the FLAVIA brewer) pierces the Freshpack nozzle, hot water is the only thing that touches your ingredients.


  • Height: 17.1″ (435 mm)
  • Width: 12.1″ (308 mm)
  • Depth: 20.1″ (511 mm)



  • 32.0 lbs; when full 34.2 lbs


Power Supply:

  • AC 120V, 60 Hz, 1550W



  • TUV SUD NRTL listed for commercial & domestic use
  • NAMA certified
  • NSF 4 Listed

Flavia Chill Add-on

With Flavia Chill, there’s a drink for every moment

Employees drink both hot and cold drinks throughout the day. They turn to hot drinks to kick off a productive morning, and cold drinks to quench a thirst, refresh, and reinvigorate themselves throughout the day.

With the C600 + CHILL, you can brew both hot and cold drinks—without adding ice! Plus, with our patented frothing technology, you can indulge a little or a latte by frothing any fresh milk (both dairy and non-dairy) directly in your cup.

Flavia Chill Add-on Specifications

Dimensions: H 15.9″ x W 11.0″ x D 18.0″
H 405 mm x W 280mm x D 457mm
Weight: 47.0 lbs; when full: 56.0 lbs
Water supply: Plumbed-in only
Power supply: AC 120V, 60Hz, 243W

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