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Encore Ground

The Encore Ground is a single cup coffee brewer with a unique design.

The Encore Ground combines a selection of two ground coffees and two solubles in multiple beverages combinations. From regular coffee to hot chocolate and gourmet beverages, the Encore Ground’s touchscreen and simplified user interface will guide your clients into delivering their perfect drink each time.

Equipped with a cellular modem, the Encore Ground is compatible with Cafection’s online application Sophia – Global Management System. Control your assets at anytime and manage their use in real time, remotely!

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32.63″ (H) x 11.5″ (W) x 24.5″ (D)


7″ Touch Screen

Weight (Empty)

92 lb (42 kg)

Voltage Rating

120v AC, 60 hz

Heater Wattage

1440 watts

Bean Capacity

2 x 1.25 lb

Soluble Capacity

3 x 1.25 lb


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