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Bean-to-cup office coffee machines that craft freshly brewed coffee and specialty drinks, with more aroma and flavour.

 Single-serve coffee machines, also known as capsule machines, are designed to make a single cup of drink at a time.

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Bean to cup Coffee Machines

Bean-to-cup machines are designed to grind fresh coffee beans at the moment you want to make the coffee.

They have a built-in coffee grinder that grinds the beans and then uses the freshly ground coffee to make the beverage.

Our Bean-to-cup machines offer different settings to adjust the grind and coffee strength. They are highly appreciated by those who value the flavor and aroma of fresh coffee.

Super automated, bean-to-cup coffee brewers distributed by Canada Coffee are easy to use, help increase employee satisfaction and boost your office productivity.

Benefits of Bean to Cup Brewers

Fresh coffee Everytime

Coffee beans have their natural oils preserved. During grinding, these oils are released and the aroma and taste become more pleasant.

More control of your coffee

A variety of models offer grind coarseness control, milk steamer and dual-height drip tray for different cups.

Choose your favourite beans

Canada Coffee has a great catalog for you to choose your favorite coffee. The flavour can be adapted according to your preferences by choosing from one of our options.

Coffee pre-sets

Several flavours and drinks are set in a user-friendly panel to increase the speed of coffee brewing.

Adjustable grind settings

Different types of coffee need different grinds to achieve the correct flavour. These settings are pre-set on bean-to-cup coffee machines.

Environmental Friendly

Bean-to-cup coffee machines do not generate plastic or paper waste.

Bean to cup machines with special offers


The Bean to Cup Krea is a compact table top machine mixing a striking aesthetics, high pressure espresso technology and the usual Lavazza quality coffee, which remains unchanged cup after cup.


The Emblem is a brand new, top-performance brewer, that has 3 hoppers for beans and 3 hoppers for solubles. Its 18.5″ high definition LCD screen is perfect to promote your products and services

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Single-Serve Coffee Machines

Single-serve coffee machines, also known as capsule machines, are designed to make a single cup of coffee at a time.

They use pre-packaged coffee pods that are inserted into the machine. At the push of a button, the machine pierces the capsule and directs hot water through it to brew the coffee.

These machines are known for their convenience and the variety of flavors available in compatible capsules.

Benefits of Single-Serve Coffee Brewers

Easy to use

Single-serve machines are extremely convenient to use. Simply insert the coffee pod into the machine, press a button, and within seconds you have a cup of coffee ready.

Variety of flavors

The single-serve machines offer a wide variety of flavors. With our diverse selection of capsules, you can experiment with different flavors and discover new preferences without having to buy large amounts of coffee.


Get a consistently strong and flavorful cup of coffee every time. The amount of coffee, grind, and other factors are predetermined in the capsules, ensuring uniform preparation.

Simplified cleaning and maintenance

They are easy to clean and maintain. Since there are no filters or ground coffee containers, cleaning mainly involves discarding the used capsule and rinsing the machine.

Reduced waste

The individualized portioning helps prevent coffee waste, since you prepare just the amount needed for one cup.

Traditional Drip Coffee Machines

Traditional drip coffee machines, also known as filter coffee makers, are the most common in many households. 

They consist of a water reservoir that is heated and directed to a filter containing ground coffee.

The water passes through the filter, slowly dripping over the coffee and collecting it in a thermos. This method produces a larger quantity of coffee and is suitable for those who want to make several cups at once.

Benefits of Traditional Drip Coffee Brewers​

Prepare multiple cups

Traditional drip coffee machines are capable of preparing a large quantity of coffee in one go.

Ease of use

Operation is very simple. Just add water to the reservoir, put the ground coffee in the paper filter, and turn on the machine. The heated water will pass through the coffee, slowly dripping into the glass carafe.

Intensity control

It allows you to control the coffee's intensity according to your preferences. You can adjust the amount of ground coffee, the proportion between coffee and water, and even the drip speed to obtain a weaker or stronger coffee.

Simple maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of drip coffee machines is relatively simple. After use, simply remove the paper filter with the used coffee beans, wash the glass carafe, and clean the filter holder if necessary.


Traditional drip coffee machines are known for their energy efficiency. Unlike some more complex coffee machines, drip machines do not require constant heating or maintenance of high temperatures. They heat the water only when needed, resulting in lower energy consumption over time.

Ground coffee versatility

Use different types of ground coffee, offering a wide variety of options to experiment with. You can choose from different blends, roasts, and coffee bean origins to achieve different flavor profiles.

Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso machines are designed to make espresso, a concentrated and intense beverage.

They use pressure to force hot water through finely ground coffee, resulting in a thick, full-bodied liquid. 

These machines usually have an extraction group, where the coffee is compacted in a portafilter before extraction. They are very popular with those who want to enjoy an authentic espresso.

Benefits of Espresso Coffee Brewers

Authentic espresso coffee

Espresso machines are specifically designed to prepare authentic espresso coffee with its distinctive flavor, aroma, and texture.

Full control over the process

Espresso coffee machines offer a high level of control over the preparation process. You can adjust variables such as temperature, pressure, coffee grind, and extraction time to achieve the desired flavor.


In addition to making espresso, many of our espresso machines also have additional features such as steamers for making cappuccinos, lattes, and other latte-based beverages.

Coffee quality

Espresso machines allow you to use fresh, high-quality coffee. By grinding the coffee beans at the time of preparation, superior freshness and quality can be guaranteed.


Espresso machines are generally constructed of durable, high-quality materials designed to withstand frequent and extended use.

Ease of Use

While espresso machines may have a reputation for being more complex, our modern models are designed to be easy to use. With advanced features such as intuitive, programmable digital controls, you can brew espresso with just a few taps.

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Frequently asked questions

No purchase necessary. We will provide the equipment for you under the agreement that your coffee products must be purchased from Canada Coffee. We prioritize your satisfaction by offering competitive pricing and excellent products.
Absolutely! If we have a machine in stock we can offer a free demo in the comfort of your own space for the staff to try the products.
We remind and offer free weekly deliveries for our customers on designated days of the week.
That’s us! With access to the machines our drivers will clean them upon every delivery. We try to work with machines that require minimum daily cleaning from our customers.
For bean-to-cup machines we offer bi-monthly deep cleaning completed by our technician. Due to the intricacy of these machines a weekly cleaning cycle is required, with a click of a button, by our customers and our technician is happy to show your team how it’s done.
We have technicians that will inspect your space and install the machine to your waterline for easy use. Our installations are included with our services and do not come with additional fees.

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