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Keurig® K-3500

The brewer blends intuitive technology with clean lines and modern design.

The Keurig® K-3500™ brewer blends intuitive technology with clean lines and modern design, delivering an unmatched range of beloved brands of coffee, cocoa, and tea, all at the touch of a screen. Ideal for the busy breakroom, this brewer is engineered for continuous use and back to back brewing.

Coffee, espresso, lattes, chocolates, and others.

Specifically tailored for use in business environments.

Available for offices with 35+ employees on a daily basis.

More than 14 options of drinks.

Engineered for continuous use and back to back brewing!

The Keurig K3500 is appreciated for its combination of convenience, variety, and efficiency, making it a popular choice in offices and other professional settings where different tastes need to be catered to, and quick, easy access to hot beverages is desired. It’s important to note that the K3500 is designed for use with Keurig-approved K-Cups.

Commercial Coffee Brewer Technical specifications

Pure taste guarantee — designed for no taste, allergen, or contaminant transfer between drinks.

The K-3500™ possesses a modern ID, enhanced UI through a high resolution touch screen and additional customization options for end-users to better answer the large office market.

5 Cup Sizes including new 12 oz. brew size.

Strong Brew option, brew a stronger, more intense cup.

Intuitive touch-screen.

Voltage: 120V ac, 60Hz.

Weight: 15.90kg (empty)

Power: 1400W

Dimensions: 30.50cm x 45.70cm x 44.20cm

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