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Flavia® CREATION 600

The one brewer that powers workplace happiness.
The FLAVIA® CREATION 600 was designed to create better breaks. With the C600, you can craft a variety of drink options that meet the needs of every moment while smart technology makes managing office beverages a breeze.

Coffee, espresso, lattes, chocolates, and cold drinks.

Chill module option

Available for offices with 35+ employees on a daily basis.

More than 14 options of drinks.

Designed to create better breaks

Whether it’s soothing hot or frothy drinks for heads-down work, or refreshing cold drinks that put a little pep in meeting prep—there’s something to put a smile on the face of every coffee connoisseur, latte lover, and iced tea queen to help fuel a wonderful day.

The FLAVIA C600 offers the flavor and variety that packs more enjoyment into every break — and more happiness into every workday..


Of employees want Flavia cold drinks in their workplace.


would give up other office perks to help pay for them.

Commercial Coffee Brewer Technical specifications

Pure taste guarantee — designed for no taste, allergen, or contaminant transfer between drinks.

Lavazza FLAVIA C600 Commercial-grade Brewer, for commercial or business use in a non-residential location.

Monitors consumption trends to show you what’s hot, what’s not, and what to order more of next time.

Sends you maintenance requests from your employees.

Automatically sends service alerts to your beverage distributor when your brewer needs tech support.

Voltage: 120V ac, 60Hz.

Weight: 21.30kg (empty)

Power: 243W

Dimensions: 40.50cm(H) x 28.00cm(W) x 45.70cm(D)

Water supply: Plumbed-in only

Language Options: English, French and Spanish

With Canada Coffee, you can have the Best office coffee service for your company.

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