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Modern design built to deliver the benefits you’ve come to expect.

The FLAVIA Barista is the only single-serve office drinks machine that crafts perfect coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lattes, cappuccino and espresso, all at the push of a button.

Coffee, espresso, lattes, chocolates, and cold drinks.

Versatile and sophisticated single-serve coffee brewing system.

Available for offices with 25+ employees on a daily basis.

More than 14 options of drinks.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of a large office

One of the best single-serve coffee machines for office use, the Barista is an elegant solution to your office coffee needs. Our espresso is brewed at very high pressure, creating the signature flavor and crema that tastes great on its own or as part of a delicious latte or cappuccino.

TUV SUD NRTL listed for commercial & domestic use.

NAMA certified.

Commercial Coffee Brewer Technical specifications

Pure taste guarantee — designed for no taste, allergen, or contaminant transfer between drinks.

Crafts authentic, full-bodied espresso in 30-40 seconds utilizing high pressure (15 bars).

Manual or direct line water connection.

Built in functionality allows you to brew hot drinks “over ice” for refreshing iced beverages.

Elegant build and materials.

Simple and intuitive interface.

Accommodates travel mugs, espresso, or coffee mugs.

Individual doors accommodate our single-serve Freshpacks

Voltage: 120V ac, 60Hz.

Weight: 35.00kg (empty)

Power: 1550W

Dimensions: 55.40cm(H) x 52.30cm(W) x 43.20cm(D)

With Canada Coffee, you can have the Best office coffee service for your company.

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