Canada Coffee Environmental Initiatives

Looking to create a "greener" office environment? Canada coffee recognizes our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact through our products, partnerships, and daily business practices. To that end, Canada Coffee has undertaken large scale initiatives to reduce the ecological footprints we leave behind.

We are committed to helping our community and all our clients achieve their "green" goals by offering great products, services, and practical solutions for a more enjoyable and sustainable workplace.

We are not only people friendly, we're environment friendly too. We've strived to conduct business in an environmentally friendly manner for years. Not only do we espouse it, and carry environmentally sound coffee and products, we live it every day..

Gas Saving Distribution - By distributing our products from our centrally located office (right at the connections of the 401, 404 and 407 ETR), our trucks spend less time on the road, resulting in less pollution and fuel consumption, not to mention affording us more time to provide top notch on site service because we spend less time driving.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce - Like you, we reuse and recycle everything we can. We use energy efficient lighting and have substantially reduced our paper use thanks to electronic invoicing and billing.

The expertises in our field of business to go Green.

We as businesses together can make a difference. May be your busness is already doing everything it can, may be you are LEED certified or working towards it. "Canada Coffee " will be happy to support your corporate sustainability targets.

"GREEN" has been our goal from the start of our business. We have gained some expertise in our own sector over the years and can advise you as it comes to the question what product is good or better to lessen the overall environmental impact. We at Canada Coffee are very much interested in charring what we have on experience and support your efforts to warts sustainability goals. Many companies advertise "GREEN" because it sound better. However if it comes to the test many questions arise that they leave unanswered; like environmental and social characteristics of products over all the life-cycle stages.

"Upstream" Stage Considerations

  • Materials used (virgin vs. recycled vs. sustainable content)
  • Sustainably managed natural resources (i.e. Rain Forest Alliance Certified)
  • Fairly traded materials
  • Safe & responsible manufacturing conditions

"Midstream" Stage Considerations:

  •  Safe and approved for intended use and human exposure
  •  Durability and effectiveness
  •  Ability to reduce waste
  •  Operate with less energy consumption (electrical equipment)

"Downstream" Stage Considerations:

  • Ability to be recycled or reused
  • Practical waste management options
  • Final resting place for waste
  • Ability for waste to biodegrade and break down

Canada Coffee offers product and equipment options that meet your facility's sustainability objectives and guidelines. Our products are manufacturer tested and certified by a 3rd party to ensure the environmental claims are accurate. This added level of confidence lets you focus on other issues important to your sustainability program.

Sustainable Product Categories

  1. Office Coffee Services - Beverage Services
  2. Fair Trade Certified Coffees
  3. Hot Paper Cups (PLA & 10% PCF options)
  4. Insulating Cup Sleeves
  5. Biodegradable Plates & Bowls
  6. Biodegradable Utensils & Stirrers
  7. 100% Recycled Paper Towels & Napkins
  8. Cleaning Products

Labelling and Certification Symbols can help you determine the sustainability attributes of the products you are buying. Check out these commonly found certifications on our products

Canada Coffee Environmental Initiatives