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Designed with interchangeability in mind to adapt to nearly every channel and serving environment.

The Bunn Infusion Series is a line of commercial coffee and tea brewers known for their versatility and efficiency, catering to a variety of beverage needs in settings such as offices, restaurants, and cafés.

Tea, espresso, lattes, chocolates, and cold drinks.

Programmable, providing consistent quality across multiple brews

Available for offices with 50+ employees on a daily basis.

More than 14 options of drinks.

It's the New Standard in Batch Brewing

The New Standard in Batch Brewing. Three brew buttons allow for easy selection from a variety of brew recipes. The Peak Extraction sprayhead provides improved uniformity of extraction and greater resistance to lime scale buildup.

*Servers not included

Commercial Coffee Brewer Technical specifications

Pure taste guarantee — designed for no taste, allergen, or contaminant transfer between drinks.

Sleek modernized design language, with rounded angles on the corners and trunk.

Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods.

Brew counter keeps track of how many batches are brewed.

Pre-infusion and pulse brew for maximum flavor extraction. Cold brew lockout & digital temperature control further ensure top-notch brewing.

Dual voltage adaptable (Can operate at 120V/15 amp or 120/208-240V/20 amp)

Digital readout displays in English, Spanish, or French —for easier programming and control— and can show either ‘Standard’ or Metric measurements. Digital readout also shows machine status, and targeted advertising messages can be programmed for display.

BUNN Infusion Series technology allows for multiple recipes from one footprint — with three brew buttons and two batch sizes

Exclusive Peak Extraction™ Sprayhead is multi-directional with a 17-hole design to ensure ultimate uniformity of extraction

Hot water faucet (supplied for custom installation)

Voltage: 120V ac, 60Hz.

Weight: 21.30kg (empty)

Power: 1700W

Dimensions: 25.90cm x 56.10cm x 88.90cm

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