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Bloomfield® 8572

Perfect way to get great coffee without taking up a lot of room.

The Bloomfield 8572 is a plumbed-in glass pot drip brewer system. It has three hot plates, which can be independently shut off, or used to keep up to three different pots of coffee warm at once. The plates themselves spin off of their bases for easy cleaning.

Regular Drip Coffee and Multiple Pot Brewing.

Reliability and efficiency in commercial settings.

Available for offices with 50+ employees on a daily basis.

Focused on brewing standard coffee.

Designed to be amazing!

One key advantage of the Bloomfield 8572 is its low profile design; at under 17″ in height, the machine can fit under most table-top cabinets. It features a ready brew light and a spray head designed to evenly spread the water over the ground coffee, with the right amount of agitation and float to achieve maximum extraction.

The Bloomfield 8572 is a plumbed-in unit, but it also has pour-over capability. It also has a hot water faucet, which can be used without affecting an ongoing brew cycle, for soup, tea, or cocoa.

Commercial Coffee Brewer Technical specifications

Pure taste guarantee — designed for no taste, allergen, or contaminant transfer between drinks.

Water volume adjustments can be made with ease; no panels to remove or tools required.

Ready-to-Brew light indicated the proper water temperature to help eliminate the guesswork in brewing.

Built-in pour-over feature provides flexibility.

Independent front-mounted hot water faucet (except 8573) allows drawing of hot water without affecting coffee taste or brewing cycle.

Three warming stations with porcelain enameled warmer plates position decanters securely and, with no exposed screw heads, will not scratch or scrape decanters.

Voltage: 120V ac, 60Hz.

Weight: 14.10kg (empty)

Power: 1500W

Dimensions: 41.30cm x 42.70cm x 42.90cm

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