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Providing exceptional coffee to the happiest break rooms in Canada

Canada Coffee has been supplying high quality brewers, a wide variety of products and reliable services to break rooms in Canada for more than 30 years

Servicing since 1987

We start by getting to know exactly what would make the perfect office breakroom for your particular workplace.

Once this is established, we will present the options and explain the characteristics of each system. A demo might be available.

We carry top quality equipment and the best brands of coffee, along with all the supplies needed to make each individual cup perfect. All backed up with efficient and friendly service.


Office Coffee and Water Services

Canada Coffee offers a unique service for workplaces to have the leading brands and technology in coffee brewers and water systems on consignment, while providing all your coffee needs. We ensure your office kitchen is always stocked with your favourite brands and blends of coffee, tea and supplies, so everyone else can focus on their work.

Shop For Home

For those people who want to order their favourite brands and blends of coffee for their home brewers, you can visit our online Shop For Home, where you can choose from many varieties of coffee, specialty coffees, tea and hot chocolate. We can also sell and deliver our products for offices that own their coffee brewer.


We also offer PPE products, such as masks, gloves, sanitizer, touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers and cleaning supplies for businesses or personal use. You can view our online selection and place your order online. You can also order in bulk. For large amounts or for our Office Coffee clients, please contact us.

Why Choose Us

Taking Care of the Environment

We arrange for your used K-Cup and Flavia Packs to be forwarded to a special recycling facility. There, the plastics will be separated from the organic waste. The plastic is turned into park benches, and the coffee grounds are used as fertilizer. But there is so much more to being truly environmentally conscious about coffee. It starts with how the coffee beans are grown. Talk to us. We care, so we make sure that we know.

Social Responsability

We want in! Our social responsibility starts with you. It is Canada Coffee’s mission to donate to any cause in which any of our suppliers or customers are active. If you care, we care too! Just let us know how your company is involved in a registered charity, and we will donate.

Remote Locations

Do you have locations in remote parts of the country? We are experts at getting equipment and supplies to your remote facilities, regardless of number of employees.

Commitment to the Environment

Creating a more sustainable future.

The world is demanding more and more corporate environmental responsibility and here at Canada Coffee, we are committed to doing our part to help protect the environment and answer that call.

In partnership with TerraCycle, we offer a recycling program in which we collect and transport all of our customers’ used coffee pods to TerraCycle’s facility. There they separate the plastic, aluminum, and coffee grounds for reuse in new materials such as flooring, playground surfaces, sports fields, and more.

We are one of the greenest office coffee service providers because in addition to the recycling program mentioned above, we at Canada Coffee take other actions such as reusing the cardboard boxes we receive after shipping, sourcing and purchasing eco-friendly products, and internal practices such as using drinking fountains to help eliminate the use of plastic bottles. We also include hybrid and electric vehicles in our company fleet to help reduce greenhouse gases such as CO2.

One of the greenest office coffee service providers

Partnership with global recycling leader TerraCycle

Sourcing of products with positive ecological impact.

Our fleet includes hybrid and electric vehicles for carbon reduction

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