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What's Brewing?

Introducing the Touchless Flavia C600 + Flavia Chill

  • Connects with Flavia Tap n' Brew App which allow you to brew from your phone without touching anything but your cup
  • Brews Hot and Frothy Drinks; and with the Flavia Chill you can get cold drinks too - all in one system
  • Works with Flavia IQ Smart Technology which allows us to provide maintenance remotely
Get in touch with one of our sales reps to find out how you can get this on consignment for your workplace kitchen.
Flavia C600
Flavia Chill

What's Hot?

Encore Venti
Encore Ground

Encore Touchless Brewers

Integrates with Sophia Touchless Solutions. Allows you to order coffee without having to touch anything other than your smartphone.

  • SCAN the QR code on the brewer screen
  • SELECT your beverage and options from your phone
  • ENJOY .. without ever coming in contact with the brewer

Equip your office with the latest technology – Touchless Brewers.

Now in stock

Touchless Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers

Buy these outright or these can be yours free with an Office Coffee Service contract.

  • Wall mount units
  • Desktop Units
  • Free-standing units

Office Coffee Service

  • We supply the brewer(s) on consignment
  • You place your supply orders with us
  • Choose from latest technology brewers and water systems
  • We carry a large variety of coffee and tea selections
  • We carry cream, milk, dairy free milk, sugar, paper cups, stir sticks and more
*This service is available for offices of 25 or more regular users

Brands We Carry

We carry local brands as well as popular favourites

Shop For Home

Our Shop For Home is where you can buy your favourite brands and blends of coffee for home. It can also be for workplaces who have less than 25 employees and own their own brewers and want to stock up on their favourite coffee and tea brands

Special SALE for our Online Shop For Home Customers
Get a Flavia Aroma for FREE

Buy 3 boxes of Starbucks Freshpacks or buy 5 boxes of other Freshpack brands and receive a FREE Flavia Aroma. 

*Offer valid while supplies last

Other offers available on our Shop For Home page

Flavia Aroma

Our PPE Offerings

You can now order masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, cleaning spray and cleaning wipes from our online store or order in bulk for your workplace by contacting us.

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